Case Studies

When deciding to work with a design studio you need to consider many factors, such as the history of work they have done and showcased in their portfolio plus their experience working in your target industry. But in addition to that we also want to show you a bit of how we work and how we approach different challenges. So we've put together some case studies from our body of work to showcase for you.

In TOYS AND GAMES we show you a project we did for Hasbro Games and the challenges of creating images of a game that had not yet been manufactured, with few physical samples to start with.

In FOOD AND BEVERAGES we were challenged to create a product in a way that presented it in a 3D format that looked good enough to eat.

From our MULTI-LANGUAGE portfolio we selected a few samples to show you the challenges we encountered and the solutions we came up with to meet all regulatory requirements while maintaining design integrity.

And in ILLUSTRATION AND PHOTOGRAPHY we present two examples, one of an artwork project for Simba Toys of Germany, and another of a challenging retouching project for a catalog design.

Click on these links to see our Case Studies.

Toys and Games Food and Beverages Multi-Language Artwork Retouching
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